pinna bosch - pinna (being the illegitimate lovechild of pina bausch and hieronymus bosch)’s full name.
the pinnas - genitalia; much larger than the penis.
richard pinnas - french experimental & improvising guitarist. founding member of influential group heldon in 1972 (actually just pinna).
pinnafour - the four poles of pinna.
pinnatrest - online multimedia curation platform (all media must relate to pinna).
pinnary - something which is a bit like pinna.
pinnarium - a space where things which are a bit like pinna are exhibited.
pinnacle - the most succesful point, culmination.
harold pinna - famous playwright (actually just pinna)
pinnanache - a style as confident or as impressive as pinna (fantastical / illusory / an unobtainable ideal).
pinnanini - the most succesful kind of toasted sandwitch.
pinnarmy - loyal but often  rampant fans of pinna.
pinnarella - frightening russian fairy tale featuring a scary grandmother (pinna) and also a holiday destination (home to the pinnazilla)
pinnasaurus - the biggest, baddest, most aggressive dinosaur there was.
pinnaple - the most succesful fruit
pinnazord - what is formed when the four poles of pinna stand on each others shoulders (dimensions are that of the pinnas)
pinnazilla - the only creature large enough on earth to sport a pinnas
pinnadorm - rival holiday destination to pinnarella which is often rampaged through and destroyed by pinnazilla. It’s economy is fueld largely by the selling of a series of straight to video documentaries about its recurrent destructions
general pinnachetus - the most succesful general 
pinnaceo - highly popular kid’s story about a puppet who gets a hard-on when he lies
pinnultimate - the ultimate pinnacle
pinn ap girls - clearly not chris or pascal
pinnael gland - gland which secretes wonderful brainaltering substrances every time pinna is heard
pinna - a free improvised ambient project who who through sound and the body try to forge a link between the sonic and the physical enviroment